“We want the same opportunities that are offered other communities. But when you look at states like Massachusetts or Colorado with not even a handful of minority-owned business in the first hundreds of licenses, we have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. So we got together to make sure it gets addressed here and now.”
- Kebra Smith-Bolden

CT United for Reform and Equity is a CT based advocacy group focused on ensuring racial equity is achieved as our state ends its prohibition of cannabis and begins to heal the decades of harm done to our communities by the failed war on drugs.

We are Parents, Nurses, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Organizers and so much more that come from communities historically over policed, communities of color. With the vast majority of cannabis related arrests having been in communities of color, it is imperative that the state and new industry invest in healing the damage done by the arrest of our families, the confiscation of property, and the explicit denial of investment and opportunities.

In addition, the current legal cannabis industry has replicated this denial of opportunity. In order to achieve justice for our communities we insist on full expungement and release of all cannabis prisoners, robust equity programs to achieve ownership and employment, and investment in our communities equal to the damage done.


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